Microfiber Yarn


Antibacterial Es PE/PET Fiber

Anti-microbial fiber/Bi-component Fiber

PET Chips: Film Grade/Bottle Grade/Textile Grade

super bright, bright, semi-dull, and (full) dull polyester chips,open-agent chips

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Water Soluble Polyester Chip
Water Soluble Polyester ···

Water Soluble Polyester ChipRaw Material: PTA and ···

Low Viscosity Polyester Chip
Low Viscosity Polyester ···

Low Viscosity Polyester ChipRaw Material: PTA+MEGP···

Low Melting Polyester Chip
Low Melting Polyester Ch···

Low Melting Polyester ChipRaw Material: PTA + MEGG···

High Viscosity Polyester Chip
High Viscosity Polyester···

High Viscosity Polyester ChipRaw Material: PTA + M···

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Gumi Manufacturing Co., Limited is located in the beautiful city of Xiamen, China, We have offices in Chinese mainland and Hongkong. Our company has two sets of polymerization equipment, which can produce a polyester semi-dull chips,polyester bright chips,polyester low melting point chips, and various functional chips. Our company has two ES production lines, which can produce ES fiber including ET staple fiber, EP staple fiber, and antib
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